A single-vehicle crash that occurred on Sunday, Sept. 15, just before 7 a.m. is suspected to have been fueled by alcohol. The two teens inside the vehicle were reportedly out to watch the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Canelo Alvarexz boxing match at an unknown location. A sergeant from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that was all they knew at the point of this report.

The teens ran into a tree in the 15200 block of Woodforest Boulevard in Channelview. According to sheriff deputies, the teens’ Honda Civic was traveling at a high rate of speed on Woodforest when it left the road and hit a curb before crashing into the tree. Neighbors in the area stated that the neighborhood has a speed limit of 30 miles per hour, but that speeding remains a problem in the area. The passenger in the vehicle was pronounced dead on the scene, but the driver was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Now he could have to face the consequences of DWI laws.

Residents of the neighborhood also told police that this was not the first fatal accident that has occurred in the area. There are roadsides memorials up and down the road where others have crashed. Additionally, there is a school zone in the area where the speed limit is 20 miles per hour when school is in session, which is another concern for residents.

A DWI attorney might be able to help the teen fight any charges that he faces. If he is convicted of his charge, he could have to serve a prison sentence and have his license revoked for a period of time. A DWI attorney might be able to help him negotiate a more lenient sentence with the prosecution though.

Source: ABC Local, “Teen killed in possible DWI crash in Channelview“, Christine Dobbyn , September 15, 2013