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One of the very first concerns that surfaces after a DWI arrest is wondering about the specific penalties that could come from the incident. The fines and penalties for drunk driving arrests usually differ on a case-to-case basis. Penalties are generally contingent upon the type of DWI arrest that has occurred. The sheer number of possible outcomes from drunk driving can be overwhelming. A Dallas DWI attorney can explain all of the possible DWI penalties for your specific case.

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What Penalties Are Possible After A DWI Arrest?

DWI penalties can range from small fines to large penalties or community service to jail time. Some of the possible penalties that could be levied after a DWI include the following:

  • Suspended driver’s license: Every driver in the state of Texas that is arrested for drunk driving will have his or her license suspended. The terms of that suspension and getting the license reinstated may depend on the particular case. It could be possible that the driver must attend driving school or have an ignition interlock device installed in his or her car.
  • Ignition interlock: An ignition interlock device is an instrument that is installed in the car that requires the driver to give a breath sample before starting the car. It would also periodically require a breath test from the driver as long as the car is in motion. These devices may be a requirement from the court and will be installed at a cost to the driver.
  • Jail time for DWI: It may be required to serve jail time after a DWI arrest. An attorney may be able to negotiate a lower sentence depending on the circumstances. Jail time is determined by previous DWI history and the type of charges brought against the driver.
  • DWI probation: Probation is a typical consequence of a DWI arrest. Like many of the possible penalties and consequences, this is largely dependent on the circumstances of each particular case. An experienced DWI attorney may be able to negotiate probation in lieu of jail time.
  • DWI fines: Every person that is arrested for DWI will have to pay a fine. The number of previous DWI arrests in a driver’s criminal history could determine the actual amount of the fine. Other fees that could be incurred could come from ignition interlock installation or other court-related fees.

How Can A Dallas DWI Attorney Help Me With DWI Penalties?

Just as every person is unique, each DWI case is unique and different. An experienced DWI attorney will acknowledge that no two cases are the same and he or she will strive to ensure that each case gets the personal and individual attention that it deserves.

A Dallas DWI attorney can help you with penalties by striving to ensure that you do not face any consequence that is not necessary. An attorney will have the skill and knowledge to negotiate the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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